UCONN vs. Butler

Last night, the National Championship was played. Butler, an eight seed that was the Cinderella story two years in a row lost the game to higher seeded UCONN. Last year, Butler had gone on a run all the way to the Championship and lost to higher seeded Duke. But UCONN’s win was not the most spectacular win ever, nor did Butler put up a good fight. Last year, Butler had a chance to win with a last second three-pointer from Butler’s star, Gordon Hayward. But the shot bounced off the rim and Duke won. This time, UCONN blew Butler out 53-41. Butler was close for a while. However, as soon as the second half started, UCONN scored several unanswered points. One really cool thing, although I was rooting for Butler, was that from the start of the tourney, UCONN was my pick to win it all. That means that my bracket was pretty sucessful this year.

School Subjects

I know that school is not anybody’s favorite passtime, but what is your favorite part of school? I like Social Studies because I’m acually learning about me. I excel at spelling, though, because I read and write so much. What is your favorite subject? (And don’t say lunch and recess!)

Slam Dunk Contest

Blake Griffin, who was a star at Oklahoma and now plays in the NBA won the Slam Dunk Contest. But it wasn’t any winning dunk. Griffin jumped over a car that was on the court and dunked it in! He truly has springs in his shoes!

The Packers’ Victory

This is a little info on the Super Bowl last Sunday. The Green Bay Packers won, 31-25. Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay’s quarterback) was the MVP. That was predictable, because Green Bay passed about five times as many times as they ran the ball. In the first quarter, Green Bay was controling the game after a interception returned for a TD. But Pittsburgh almost came back in the second half, cutting GB’s lead to three. The Packers maintained their lead, though, and won the game.

The Big Bad Bowl

In one of my previous posts, I talked about a BCS Championship game. That game is almost like a regular season game or an exibition game compared to this. I present you… The Super Bowl! The matchup will be the Green Bay Packers versus the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Packers had screwed up my bracket earlier in the playoffs when they beat the Eagles, but I will be rooting for them. Earlier in the playoffs, the Packers beat the Atlanta Falcons, the number one team in the NFC. In the NFC Championship, they knocked off the higher ranked Chicago Bears. The Steelers, however, beat the New York Jets in the AFC Championship who had beat the New England Patriots earlier in the playoffs. The Patriots were number one in the AFC. It will be a fierce matchup. The game is on February 4th. Make sure not to miss it.

A Snow Day

My perfect snow day was last Monday. First, I got up and downloaded Madden ’11 for my Ipod. Then, I played it. I went to a tennis camp with Andy, Ada, and Tyler. Late that night I watched the BCS Championship. At halftime, I played Angry Birds. It was a cool day.

Cutting Edge Technology

I have taken the liberty to list the top three cool toys and stuff that I beleive are the coolest new technology. Here they are! Okay, taking the bronze is the Paper Jamz guitar. It is a superthin fake guitar. You select a song and just strum to play it. You are an instant rockstar! Second, taking the silver medal is the Ipod touch, Fourth generation. It is as cool as the other Ipod touches, except you can make video calls! And best of all, Xbox Kinect! You can pet your tiger cub by making a petting motion and doing most the same for any other game. This concludes the post. I must go watch football!             

The Gratidudes

the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful: He expressed his gratitude to everyone on the staff.
Gratitude is the feeling of thankfulness, and like with Thanksgiving, around Christmas, we should be feeling grateful a lot. I mean, whats not to be thankful for. We have homes, families, and schools. And, on top of all of that, we will be getting Christmas presents pretty soon. I consider myself a Gratidude. That’s because I am aware that even if I don’t get a whole lot of presents, I still have it pretty good.